Dartmouth Harbour is the finest natural harbour of any size between Poole and Plymouth. With the onset of containerisation and the need for better land transport routes, the port’s commercial activity has declined.  Dart Harbour is however still a busy port for:

  • Local fishing vessels, as Dartmouth registered fishing vessels account for a significant proportion of the total UK catch of shellfish (crab and lobster)
  • Dartmouth is the home of Britannia Royal Naval College and as such is routinely visited by naval shipping
  • Cruise ships and super yachts

Dartmouth is accessible at any state of tide, in most weather conditions, at any time of day or night.
All visiting commercial vessels should contact the Harbour Office on VHF Channel 11, call sign DARTNAV, for information and berthing details. Please give 72 hours notice to request a tug.

Fueling of vessels

Whenever possible owners of vessels should exercise caution when re-fueling vessels.  In particular when using re-fueling cans please take care to avoid any small spills within the harbour.  No smoking or naked flames.

For any transfer of fuel oils over 1,000 litres a DHNA permit is required before re-fueling commences (Byelaw 74).  The permit should be used in conjunction with the applicant and contractor and refers to guidance on the appropriate safety checks.

Permits are avialable to download on this page (opposite in related documents) or available at the harbour office.


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