If you have a complaint about the Dart Harbour & Navigation Authority, whether pertaining to staff, services, facilities or a general complaint concerning activity on the river please complete the form below. Investigation will take place into your complaint and you will be kept informed of progress, if you are not satisfied with how your complaint is managed, then your next recourse will be to the Dart Harbour & Navigation Authority Board. 

You may download a Complaint Registration Form opposite (see pdf).
For full policy please download PDF (link to pdf)  Customer Service Policy

Dart Harbour Customer Complaint Procedure

(a)        All complaints should be recorded, investigated and resolved in a professional and prompt manner.

(b)        Written complaints, compliments and suggestions should be retained for a minimum period of 2 years.

(c)        Board to be kept informed on a monthly basis

(d)        All complaints should be acknowledged within 4 working days by standard letter (complaint letter 1)

(e)        Complaints of a minor nature should be resolved within 14 working days by an appropriate member of staff with the Harbour Master’s approval.  Minor complaints may include staff attitude/unhelpfulness, repair of mooring buoys etc.

(f)        Complaints of a major nature should be dealt with by the Harbour Master who should consult with the Board Chairman. Major complaints should be resolved within 6 weeks.

(g)        Complaints that may affect policy or strategy should be dealt with by the Board and may take some time to resolve.

(h)        It is recognised that some complaints may be frivolous, malicious or of a very minor nature but some investigation of these types of complaints is still necessary.

(i)         The complainant should be kept informed of actions being taken.

(j)         This policy will make it easier to deal with complaints, be open to provide feedback, to improve customer satisfaction and to minimise cost to the Authority and complainant.