Fishing and Angling


Money available for South Devon Fishing Businesses

2 businesses have been awarded money by the new South Devon Fishing Industry Development Fund. There is still a large pot of money available and the DR Company, who runs it, is looking for other people hoping to invest in fishing activity to come forward. Money is available for people between Plymouth and Brixham wanting to start or develop a business to do with the fishing industry.  For more details see associated document to the right of this page.


From Totnes Weir to Brutus Bridge permission is needed from the Environment Agency to fish for sea species. Beyond this to Dartmouth no licence is needed except for game fish (salmon/trout). This stretch is also a bass nursery area and no bass fishing from boats is permitted.


During the months of March to August, inclusive, the traditional practice of setting nets for salmon and trout is carried out by a small number of licensed netsmen. The area north of Kilngate and as far upstream as Ham Point is used from time to time during this period. Please give way to nets while navigating in the Dart. 


Anglers - please be aware of other river users and take particular care in casting from the shore in busy areas of the river.

No fishing or crabbing is permitted from any floating pontoons or from steps, obstructing access to public pickup and set down points.