Board Meetings

The Dart Harbour Board meet once a month, with the exception of August.   A proportion of these meetings are opportunities for Board Members to consider strategic planning and reviews of the Authority's policies and plans and are not open for members of the public to attend.  The remainder of these meetings are an opportunity to make decisions on the outcomes of these special meetings and to carry out the normal business of the Board. Members of the public are welcome to attend the open part of these meetings.  There is a 10 minute section at the start for members of the public to ask questions.  

Please note below the dates, times and venues for these meetings.

Calendar of Meetings 2017
Date Time and Venue Meeting Type
9th January 1400 - Flavel Centre Public
13th February 1800 - Totnes Boating Association Public
10th March 1600 - Flavel Centre Public
10th April 1600 Strategy/Non Public
8th May 1400 - Flavel Centre Public
12th June 1630 Strategy/Non Public
10th July 1600- Flavel Centre Public
11th September 1630- Dittisham Parish Hall Public
9th October 1830 - Harbour Office Board Room Strategy/Non Public
13th November 1830- Dartmouth Community Corner Public
6th December 1900 - Flavel Centre Annual Public Meeting