Commercial Mooring Waiting List

Commercial Moorings

Dart Harbour operates a Commercial Vessel Waiting List.  A variety of commercial mooring types and locations are available for berthing for dinghies and vessels ranging in length upto 30m and particualr attention is given to the location and suitability.

All applcants must be aware that the commercial waiitng lists do not move that frequenty as there is a limited amounted of commercial facilities within the harbour.

A deposit is payable which is refundable once the applicant comes off the lists entirely, plus a registration fee for each location chosen.

Applicants must have a fully operational commercial business which is their main source of income and Dart Harbour reserves the right to ask any commercial applicants to present evidence that they operate a fully commercial business.

The vessel must be used on a regular basis for commercial purposes and must have the appropriate valid insurance and safety certificates in place.