Competent Harbour Authority

Competent Harbour Authorities are expected to maintain a pilotage service and can make pilotage directions, including making pilotage compulsory.

In this role DHNA has a statutory power introduced by the 1975 Harbour Act to manage the harbour safely and efficiently, and enforce Dart Harbour byelaws (1998). Coupled with this is the need to continue to maintain Dart Harbour as a deep water port, capable of turning round vessels up to 182m in length, and running a professional marine pilotage service. No less important than any of these items is declaration of compliance with the Department for Transport Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) – DHNA is declared compliant with effect from 1st April 2012. This compliance expires on 31st March 2015. Work is going into continuing to remain compliant with the PMSC, and developing safety aspects of harbour management. Reporting on these items, no significant issues exist with the public right and ability to navigate the channel between the outer extremity of harbour limit and the weir above Totnes. At Dart Harbour we have sufficient legislation behind us to carry out these tasks but are in the process for applying for the power to give harbour directions to enhance safety. Volumes and relative movement of traffic appear manageable under the current regime. Harbour moorings remain in date for servicing and private mooring providers are being required to show evidence of mooring servicing history for private moorings, contributing to safety of property and safety. In 2014 24 acts of pilotage took place in a safe manner. The port security plan remains fit for task, alongside the Dart Harbour emergency plan. Periodic exercises in both of these issues take place using a port safety group. The number of annually let moorings on the river remain the same as previous years, with approximately 1500 Dart Harbour moorings, complemented by 1000 other berths. Dart Harbour received approximately 12,000 yacht visitor nights last year, these are catered for using Dart Harbour and other visitors’ moorings. There are no particular issues with these. Local Notices for Mariners covering events, harbour works and other matters continue to be issued as required.