Duncannon Area

Proceeding Up River to Totnes

The chanel to Totnes from here (Home Reach) is relatively straightforward.  Speed and therefore wash are to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Turn to starboard at Bow Creek (lateral mark) leaving Langham Wood (starboard lateral) to starboard you will see the houses at Duncannon come into sight.  When the second house is aligned with the lift hand edge (see Fig 17) begin a slow turn to starboard to head to the moorings at Duncannon.

Steer towards Duncannon, leaving the moorings to starboard and port lateral marks "Ashprington" and "Duncannon" to port.  After passing these buoys, keep close to the Duncannon shore (right hand side).

Duncannon No 4 Buoy

After passing Duncannon keep very close to the outside of the bend until reaching the 6 knot speed limit sign.  (See fig 18)

Ham Reach –WATCH OUT!

Near Ashprington Point there are two port hand buoys (Walker and Handley), to give better guidance to the position of the deep water channel. From the sign, move out into the centre of the river, leaving the two red unlit beacons with red topmarks,  to port. Keep between the two pairs of unlit port and starboard lateral marks.

After clearing "Sharpham East" starboard hand buoy, continue over to the outside of the bend and keep close to the shore on the port side, until Ham Point unlit starboard lateral buoy is abeam to starboard.

Sharpham Area

Sharpham Boat House

Pass Ham Point (starboard lateral) and when the next set of buoys come into view (port lateral - Sharpham Reach and Sharpham Point) alter course into Sharpham Reach and keep over to starboard.  Leave the port lateral buoy "Sharpham Reach", "Sharpham Point" and "The Gut" all unlit to port.