Harbour Dues and Finance

The operation of the harbour is entirely funded from harbour dues raised locally, which may be paid on an annual, weekly or daily basis.

The harbour is non-profit making and revenue derived from harbour dues has to meet the full cost of the management of the harbour. This covers giving advice and assistance, maintenance of navigational aids and the enforcement of byelaws.

Harbour dues are paid in addition to your mooring fees. Harbour dues apply whether your boat is kept on a permanent mooring, in one of the marinas or if you are visiting for a week or just a day.

Annual dues are valid from 1 April and expire on 31 March
Visitors are charged a daily rate
All prices include VAT where applicable
Please note any late payment of Annual Harbour Dues will incur an additional cost as published in the Dart Harbour Schedule of Charges & Fees. 

Harbour Dues apply even if you are only visiting for a day

Harbour dues may be paid at:
The Harbour Office, Dartmouth
Visitors can pay Dart Harbour River Staff
Marinas include short term visitor harbour dues in their fees

What your harbour dues pay for

Establishing navigation buoys and beacons within the harbour’s jurisdiction
Maintaining navigation marks to a set standard
Cleaning up any oil spill
Having a waste disposal plan in place
Enforcing national legislation and ensuring the operation of a safe harbour
Making and enforcing byelaws