Richard Eggleton

Board Member

Originally appointed to the Board in October 2013, Richard completed his term in December 2017. He was then co-opted back onto the board in March 2018.

Richard Lives in Dartmouth with his Wife and 2 children. He has had many links with Dartmouth since a young age. He used to sail in to the Dart onboard Provident when she was part of the ICC in Salcombe. In 1999 he joined the Merchant Navy and started working for an Oil Rig Supply and Rescue company in the North Sea. This lead to him becoming 2nd in command at the age of 21. In 2005 he moved in to Sail Training becoming Chief Officer onboard the Tall Ship Youth Trust’s Sail Training Vessel’s “Prince William” and “Stavros S Niarchos”, travelling the world and regularly visiting Dartmouth. It was in Dartmouth that he met his wife during a voyage to Britannia Royal Naval College.

Richard has spent the past 19 years at sea with the last 7 sailing as Master. He has mainly been working in the Offshore Sector but also spent some time as Captain on the THV Patricia, one of Trinity House’s Lighthouse Authority vessels.

Richard is currently serving as Master on the UK’s first purpose build Service Operation Vessel supporting Operations & Maintenance within the Renewable Energy sector. He is also the Senior Pilot for the River Dart.

In his spare time, Richard is also on the crew at the RNLI Dart Lifeboat.