Temporary Moorings

A temporary waiting list operates to assist applicants on the main waiting list, to hire a mooring for a short period (usually up to one year). Temporary moorings arise because the annual berth holder has chosen not to use the berth for a year (eg if they are sailing overseas or if their boat is being refitted).

Various moorings become available each year. It is advisable to contact the Harbour Office to discuss your own situation. Please be advised that priority will be given to customers who do not already hold a DHNA annual berth and the list is not used as a way of upgrading existing berths.

Applicants must register each year for a temporary mooring and applications are accepted from 1st January in each year for the following year (eg Jan 2017 for a temporary mooring in 2018). Dart Harbour cannot guarantee a temporary mooring will be available for all who apply, so this system should not be relied upon. Please also be aware that moorings are allocated to customers as best as possible as moorings become available.  Allocation is solely at the discretion of the Deputy Harbour Master.