Waste Management Page

The purpose of this plan is to co-ordinate, and to seek to improve the facilities for the legal disposal of waste within the Port of Dartmouth.  In pursuance of this aim the Dart Harbour and Navigation Authority (DHNA) will adopt the policies of waste minimisation and recycling of waste wherever possible and encourage other harbour users to do likewise.


Attention is drawn to the fact that there is a total prohibition on the disposal of any form of waste overboard, from any vessel within the Harbour or at sea.  This prohibition is enforced by legislation at the international, national and local level with substantial fines applicable in the case of contravention.

This Waste Management Plan has been prepared under the requirements of the Merchant Shipping (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations 1977. It also incorporates Statutory Instrument 2003 No 1809 The Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessel (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations 2003(4)with amendments to regulations 2009. It follows the guidance summarised in Merchant Shipping Notice (MSN) 1709 (M+F) and the good practice outlined in the DETR publication “Port Waste Management Planning - How to do it” (January 1998).  Since the Port of Dartmouth has a high level of recreational craft activity the guidance of “Port Waste Management Planning” (joint publication of the Royal Yachting Association/British Marine Industries Federation) has also been followed.


This plan applies to all organisations and individuals operating within the jurisdiction of the DHNA. The jurisdiction extends from a line joining Inner Froward Point and Coombe Point to the limit of tidal influence at Totnes Weir, including all creeks and tributaries (excepting Waterhead Creek, Kingswear and the Boatfloat, Dartmouth).


The Authority has initially consulted widely with all principal users within its operating area in the preparation of the plan. It is recognised that the process of waste management will require on-going consultation and review.


  1. An objective of this waste management plan is the protection of the environment and the sustainable use of the Dart Estuary. The Authority wishes to work with the users of the Port of Dartmouth in what it believes to be a collective responsibility in these issues.  This plan has been developed specifically to the needs of the Port of Dartmouth and its users and should be considered as a minimum level of compliance under the regulations from which improvements can always be made.  Any port user who has any comments on this plan or who is unsure of the responsibilities of either themselves or others regarding waste, is invited to contact the: Dart Harbour and Navigation Authority Office, 6 Oxford Street, Dartmouth, South Devon, TQ6 9AL.

For further information on this plan please contact the Harbour Office on 01803-832337. 


For the purposes of this plan oily waste means waste that contains a significant amount of oil, such as bilge mop socks and oil filters, waste oil means oil in liquid form.

A full copy of the plan can be found at Related Documents opposite.