Your Boat


All vessels allocated an annual Dart Harbour mooring must be insured.  This is a condition on the contract and vessels that are found to have insufficient insurance will be in breach of this condition and the mooring contract could be terminated by Dart Harbour 

Changing your Boat

If you intend to change your boat, whether you are a Dart Harbour berth holder, a private mooring holder, if you berth your boat at a marina or even if you just have a dinghy you will need to inform Dart Harbour by using a change of boat form.

Very important: whether you have a moorings’ licence or a mooring contract you must check with Dart Harbour that the mooring is suitable for the boat that you intend to purchase before you go ahead and buy your boat.

Scrubbing Grids (Dartmouth & Hoodown, Kingswear)

We are sorry to inform customers that at the Board Meeting held on 14th March 2016, the decision was taken to temporarily close both the scrubbing grids with groins, currently operated by Dart Harbour until further notice. Whilst scrubbing grids with drying groins can be used safely by experienced mariners this is not always the case. Further investigations into if these facilities can be reopened will be looked at. 

Quayside embankment (north/south)

These berths remain open and customers wishing to dry their vessels out in this area can continue. Please be advised that customers do so at entirely their own risk and quayside mooring fees apply.

Dartmouth Grid

This grid is owned by South Hams District Council and Dart Harbour have acted as their agents for the booking of this facility.  We have asked SHDC to review this facility and will no longer take bookings until such time that SHDC have entered into a written agreement with Dart Harbour concerning its use.

Hoodown Grid

In line with the Port Marine Safety Code, this facility is now closed until such time that a thorough review of its operation and safety can be carried out by Dart Harbour.

 We are sorry to give you this news but hope you understand that in these circumstances, the welfare and safety of our customers, staff and their vessels, must come first.

Boat Holidays

If you would wish to recoup berthing fees for the Dart Harbour mooring let to you if you remove your boat for a significant period of time during the berthing year, if you go on a cruise, or remove your boat for extended maintenance, for example.  Some berth holders may feel that they are paying for a service that they are not receiving, whilst the boat is away from the mooring. The current rules are:

If you wish to be absent from your mooring, there is a ‘boat holiday’ option available to you, such that you pay 50% of your berthing fees to retain your status as a berth holder with Dart Harbour. The Dart Harbour mooring would not be available to you for the berthing year (1 Apr – 31 Mar) in question. 

Please note that this scheme only applies to genuine customers who are changing their vessel or are away cruising for longer periods.

Unfortunately there are no other options available at this time.