Harbour Vessels

The Dart Harbour fleet consists of a variety of vessels designed to carry out maintenance work, to patrol the harbour and are also used to welcome visitors to the Dart.

Ranging from a 12m fully MCA coded work barge to several general patrol craft the harbour authority is well equipped to manage most jobs.

All harbour authority vessels and safety checked and meet the appropriate regulations.

  • Lynx

    Lynx – a pilot vessel, also doubles up as the Harbour launch


    Dart Harbour Crane Barge.  The main workhorse for Dart Harbour, Hercules is used for the majority of moorings maintenance work, lifting of goods


    Tardis is a small crane barge used for moorings maintenance. She is manoeuvred alongside our workboat Ariadne.

    Artemis, Themis and Metis

    Three patrol ribs are used by Dart Harbour to collect mooring fees and dues from visiting vessels.  These are also used for towing dinghies and


    Nemesis is the up river patrol boat and is used to collect mooring fees and patrol the upper reaches of the Dart.  The cabin gives some cover to our


    Ariadne is a work boat used for a variety of tasks including towing our small crane barge Tardis during the winter moorings maintenance programme.

    Athena, Phoebe and The Maid

    These three vessels are used for the Dart Harbour Yacht Taxi Service.