Deputy Harbour Master

Nick Clarance

The Deputy Harbour Master is a member of the Senior Management Team.  The Deputy Harbour Master reports to the Harbour Master/CEO and leads a team of full and part time harbour staff.

The main areas of the role are port safety management, operational management, commercial vessel licensing/surveying, mooring allocation, maritime events, managing repairs and maintenance of Dart Harbour facilities, port security, waste management and upholding competant harbour authotity work. Nick also covers the allocation of many of the DHNA moorings and holds responbility for seaveral large operational budgets.

Nick has worked in the marine industry for most of his life, including having successful careers in engineering and the military.  He has been employed in the ports and harbours sector for over twelve years. With a wealth of marine experience and knowledge he also holds an MCA, IHMA & UKHMA endorsed International Harbour Master's Accredited Diploma, as well as various other professional marine qualifications,  including membership of various professional marine bodies.  

He has grown up from an early age on the water and outdoors in his fathers marine business as an engineer and water sports instructor. He is a keen sailing dinghy/yacht racer, as well being involved with many other sports such as rowing, scuba diving, kite surfing, waterskiing and powerboating!