Moorings’ Policy

Moorings’ Policy 2016 - 2020

Following the extensive input from questionnaires and public consultation events during 2016, the Board have considered the responses.  Efforts have been made to adjust the text of the document to improve clarity and brevity so as to be more straightforward to understand.  The policy addresses the historical background and statutory reasons behind Dart Harbour as a Licensing Authority, it outlines the current situation for all moorings in the river, and describes how Dart Harbour will deal with its own (DHNA) berths, private tackle moorings and also refers to strategic issues which include applications for development within harbour limits.

There are various annexes to the document to show numbers and locations of mooring licences and Dart Harbour berths, terms and conditions for moorings and berths within harbour limits, and other relevant information, such as waiting list application forms.  It is hoped that this document provides a comprehensive policy statement and that it is easy to understand for the reader which directly ties into the overall DHNA strategic plans.

In the introduction to the policy, the issue of giving priority to "locals" is mentioned. This has been discussed, at length, by the Dart Harbour Board and the decision taken on this element of the consultation to continue with the current policy, meaning that there will not be preferential treatment for locals on the waiting lists.  This will be kept under close review for the future and further public consultation on this will take place again in 2020. 

The Moorings’ Policy 2016 – 2020 is to be published and distributed on 7th December 2016 at the time of the Annual Dart Harbour Meeting.  Copies of the policy will be available as a hard copy at the Dart Harbour office as well as being available on the Dart Harbour website. 

Dart Harbour staff are always available to discuss any matters concerning moorings or please contact the Deputy Harbour Master for further information. Owners of vessels, berth holders and those applying for berths are encouraged to visit the Harbour Office should further guidance regarding the Policy be required. 

The policy document is shown to the right of this pane.