Available Moorings

Moorings Available on the River Dart

Although prime moorings in Dartmouth are hard to come by and extensive waiting lists exist for deep water moorings in the lower reaches of the river, this is not the case in the more scenic, picturesque and quieter areas of the River Dart.  

Dart Harbour have a variety of moorings available for immediate allocation.  

Swinging Moorings  - Varying lengths up to max length of 9.2 metres - Mainly very shallow or drying berths. Most in the Cornworthy area, but some at Noss, Dittisham, Galmpton,Stoke Gabriel and Duncannon.

Trot Moorings  - Lengths 10 - 12 metres - very shallow (Cornworthy).

Running Moorings  - Up to max of 4.3 metres - Dittisham area.

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    How to Apply

    Please email info@dartharbour.org and supply us with the following information:-

    1. Your name
    2. Address
    3. Email address
    4. Telephone Number
    5. Boat Details (most important)
    • Length Overall (LOA)
    • Keel Type
    • Name of vessel

    We will then contact you to discuss what options are available for you.