Project Kraken

Dart Harbour want to make all river users aware of Project Kraken.  This page provides all the information you will need to make yourself aware of the campaign and provides you with details of how to report marine crime, suspected marine crime or suspicious behaviour.  The following text has been provided to us by Project Kraken.

Please see the relevant pdf leaflets produced by Project Kraken to the right of this text.


There are over 11,000 miles of British mainland coastline, and a complex network of estuaries, navigable rivers, coves, inlets, ports and harbours, all of which can be exploited by terrorists and serious criminals.

We want you to report any unusual or suspicious behaviour in these and other maritime environments. No matter how trivial it may seem; if it looks out of the ordinary, we want to know about it.

How can you help us?
We want you to report any unusual or suspicious activity near the coastline and in maritime environments. This could include:
• Crew who show signs of nervousness or a lack of awareness of maritime protocols and customs.
• Vessels showing signs of unusual modification or minor damage.
• Increased activity at isolated coastal locations or at unusual times of the day.
• Attempts to signal to vessels offshore or guide them into an unusual location.
• Strange patterns of payment, such as large amounts of cash.
• People testing site security or an unusual interest in site structures and wharfs.

What should you do?
If you see unusual or suspicious activity, report it to your local police on 101, or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, and quote “KRAKEN”.
If you want to anonymously report your information online, visit
Do not take direct action against any individuals or groups.
If it is an emergency, call 999.