LNTM 15 2018 Junior Sailing Week

Effective until 29 July 2018


All mariners are to be advised that the Royal Dart Yacht Club are running a ‘Junior Sailing Week’ from Monday 23 July until Friday 27 July.

This event is being run in the area of an imaginary line between Dartmouth and Kingswear Castles and the SHDC Lower Car Ferry slipways.

There will be up to forty-five youngsters on the water in various types of sailing dinghies. Safety boats and training staff will be in attendance at all times and contactable on VHF Ch. M2/P4.   

Please remember that children of all abilities will be under instruction learning to sail.

All harbour users including commercial passenger vessels are requested to give participating sailing dinghies a wide berth, be patient and to be extra vigilant when entering or leaving the harbour.



N S Clarance

Deputy Harbour Master                                                                              

Issue date 17 July 2018