LNTM 04 2018 - Dart Gig Club Regatta

Effective until: 01 April 2018


The 2018 ‘Dart Gig Club Regatta’ will be held on the Saturday 31st March 2018.

Racing will take place in the main harbour fairway with boats starting just to the south of the Higher Car Ferry racing seawards towards Dartmouth Castle and then returning north to finish in the vicinity of mainstream number one buoy (MS1).  See attached drawing of the intended racing course.  (see PDF to the right)

All river users are requested to keep a good look out for racing gigs, reduce wash and keep well clear of the racing course.

The racing gigs will be accompanied by various safety craft who will be monitoring VHF ch. 73.



Nick Clarance

Deputy Harbour Master                                                                              

Issue date: 28 March 2018