LNTM 08 2018 Cruise Call Serenissima


Effective until 19 May 2018


The cruise ship “MV Serenissima” will be visiting Dart Harbour on 18 May 2018.  ETA 0700hrs, ETD 1800hrs.

This cruise ship will berth on the mainstream moorings and will provide a liberty boat service on the DHNA Main Town Jetty Facility (outside southern end).

On the day of this visit a ‘port security restricted zone’ will be in place, while passengers disembark for excursions throughout the day.

Under the provisions of the Ship and Port Facility (Security) Regulations 2004 only passengers, pass holders and DHNA Staff will be allowed access to the restricted zone.

All persons and vessels that normally use the area on this facility will be prohibited from using this area while it remains a ‘temporary restricted zone’.  The port security restricted zone is expected to remain in force between approximately 0700 – 1800hrs during this visit.

All mariners are asked to respect any requests or advice issued by harbour or security staff and keep to a safe distance from the cruise ship and all associated marine operations.


N S Clarance

Deputy Harbour Master

Issue date 14 May 2018