LNTM 32 2017 Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta Overview

Effective until 28 August 2017 - Printable version of this notice and notices referred to herein are available under Related Documents opposite.

1.             Overview.  The Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta will take place from Saturday 19th of August to Saturday 26 August 2017.  During this period river users not involved in the Regatta are requested to keep clear of the organised waterborne events and exercise particular caution when underway in the River Dart during this period.

Mariners are to be aware that the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea will apply at all times. 

Timings of all events are subject to change and updates will be promulgated once known, by updated Notice to Mariners. If in doubt, ask harbour staff who will be on hand to promote a safe and timely series of events.  This local notice provides advance general warning of regatta events and separate individual notices will provide detail information on specific events, including exclusion zones.

2.             Firework Displays.  There will be 2 Firework Displays.  Both displays will take place mid-river between the  south end of Town Jetty and the lower ferry crossing route.  Timings are as follows:

                a.             Thursday 24 August 2100-2130.

                b.             Saturday 26 August 2100-2130.

An exclusion zone will be in force for both events.  No vessels will be permitted in this area between 2045 and the end of the display on the appointed days.  Harbour Authority vessels will be on patrol to keep this zone clear. Masters of vessels are to obey harbour staff instructions.  All vessels are required to show appropriate navigation lights in periods of darkness and restricted visibility.  Local Notice to Mariners 33/17 will contain more detail and a diagram of the display area exclusion zone.

3.             Air  Displays.  Two official air displays are planned to take place, on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 August 2017 at 1800hrs.  An exclusion zone in the main channel between the higher and lower car ferries will be in force for this display.  No vessels will be permitted in the exclusion zone ten minutes before the scheduled display.  Harbour Authority vessels will be on patrol to keep these zones clear. Masters of vessels are to obey harbour staff instructions.  Local Notice to Mariners 34/17 will contain further details and a diagram of the exclusion zone.

4.             Classic Craft.  There will be a parade of classic craft and small steam boats on Saturday 26 August from 1500hrs. Masters of vessels not involved are requested to remain clear of the parade.

5.             Rowing Events.  Local rowing, West of England Amateur Rowing Association (WEARA) and gig rowing events will take place during the regatta.  Mariners are reminded of their responsibilities to avoid collision when approaching other vessels.  Vessels are, where safe and practicable, to keep clear of these events, which will be held between Noss Marina and the Lower Car Ferry.  Rowing events will have their own dedicated support and safety craft in attendance.  Local Notice to Mariners 35/16 will contain details of event timings and a diagram of the race area.

6.             Sailing Events.  There will be a high volume of sailing activity in and near the harbour during regatta period.  Regatta sailing events include dinghy sailing within the river at Dittisham and Kingswear, and yacht and day boat racing outside the harbour.  The masters of sailing vessels en-route to the start, or returning to berth, are reminded to navigate with particular caution and have due consideration for other river users.  All other vessels, including power driven vessels, are reminded of their responsibilities to give way to vessels under sail.  Local Notice to Mariners 36/17 contains further information.

7.             Other Events.  Friday 25 August at 2100hrs - Illuminated Boat Procession between the Higher and Lower Car Ferries.

Friday 25th August 1830 and Saturday 26 August at 1300hrs - RNLI demo taking place adjacent to the South Embankment.

All vessels not participating are to keep well clear of these events.  Notice to Mariners 37/17 will refer. 

8.             Visiting Vessels.  Visiting vessels will be allocated berths on a first come first served basis and are hereby notified that the inside berths on the Town Jetty will not be available to visitors for the duration of the regatta. Please call “DARTNAV” on VHF ch 11 upon arrival.

9.             Yacht Taxi  A DHNA yacht taxi service is available between 0800-2300hrs daily and is contactable on VHF ch 69 or 07970 346571.  Please expect this service to be busy.

Capt Mark Cooper

Harbour Master                                                                                                                                                 

Issue date 15 August 2017