LNTM 38-17 Outdoor Swimming Society

Effective until 11 September

1.  Introduction.  The event at the title involves 800 swimmers transiting downstream from Totnes to Dittisham in groups on Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 September.  As a result there will be large numbers of swimmers in the navigational channel for much of the day.

2.  Timings/ Locations:  Participants will swim from Totnes Public Slipway to Dittisham Green.  They will start in groups as follows:


  1. First wave       Start    0830hrs
  2. Second wave  Start    0845hrs
  3. Third Wave     Start    0900hrs
  4. Fourth Wave   Start    0915hrs                   


  1. First wave       Start    0905hrs
  2. Second wave  Start    0920hrs
  3. Third Wave     Start    0935hrs
  4. Fourth Wave   Start    0950hrs

3.  Progress. The swim route is approximately 6.1 nautical miles long (down-river from the start).  .  Swimmers will remain within the swim channel on the right-hand side of the river as they head downstream, managed by the water safety team and marked by way of yellow swim marker buoys.  Competitors will be wearing Red, Green, Yellow, White or Blue swimming hats.  Various safety boats and kayaks will be in attendance and will be monitoring VHF channel 37.  The safety officer on the day will contactable on mobile 07875 413722.

4.  Safety Information.  All mariners are to keep a good look out and navigate with extreme caution at the times / locations stated, keeping well clear of any swimmers in this area of the river, where practicable.  Vessels are to heed requests from the safety boats associated with the event.

N S Clarance

Deputy Harbour Master                                                         

Issue date       01 September 2017