Central Harbour Area

Mainstream Buoys and Anchorage 

Viewed from the main channel heading North, the yellow ships’ mooring buoys can be seen on the right hand side labelled MS1 to MS5 south to north.  The spacing and configuration of these buoys is altered to meet demand and often there are spherical yellow buoys positioned between the Admiralty cylindrical buoys to allow berthing by smaller vessels. The visitors’ anchorage is on the Kingswear side (east) of these buoys. Care should be taken to avoid anchoring on the mooring arrangement for the Admiralty buoys which are marked on the chart.

Dartmouth Embankment

The South Embankment extends from the Lower Ferry slip to the Town Jetty. There are several public landing steps here. These should not be obstructed and boats  are not to be left here unattended. The fish quay is about half way along the embankment and has a davit on its southern end. This is in frequent use by the local fishing fleet. Care should be taken since the depth of water on the South Embankment is limited at low water.  Permission to berth here is required from the Harbour Master.  CAUTION - sea bed slopes away from the quay wall.

Public access short-stay Kingswear

Immediately upstream of the Lower Ferry slip at Kingswear is the passenger ferry pontoon and to the north of this is Darthaven Marina. A public set-down and short stay pontoon is available at the southern end.

  • Town Jetty

    On the Dartmouth side, the Town Jetty is a pontoon connected to the embankment by a bridge. Local passenger vessels use the outer side of the jetty between 0845 and 1700 daily. These berths are available for use by visiting yachts overnight between 1700 and 0845 (Summer). In winter 24 hour berthing is available. Arrange to berth here with the river staff (VHF Ch 11). The Kingswear passenger ferry runs from the north end of the Town Jetty – its berth is clearly marked and must not be obstructed. The inner side of the south part of the pontoon is available for use by yachts and berthing rafted up to two deep is possible. The inside charted depth inside the southern end of the Town Jetty is 2m and shallows towards the embankment. Fresh water and electricity are available here.

    The Boatfloat

    There is a boatfloat (permanent berth holders only) half way along the Embankment on the Dartmouth side. It is managed by Dartmouth Town Council. The Boatfloat dries out at low water.

    Short Stay Dinghy Pontoon

    Adjacent to the Boatfloat just north of the entrance  is a visitors’ short stay dinghy pontoon (max 6 hours, max 4.3m LOA). Public showers are available at the public toilets in Mayor's Avenue car park.  The pontoon just to the north of the short stay pontoon is used by the DHNA Yacht Taxi  and Dittisham Ferry and is to be kept clear.