You could be Champions!

The Primary Age category of the Young Champion Awards is designed for groups or classes to enter – so you and your friends could win together!

You will need to work with an adult or teacher to put together your project: which could be about ANYTHING connected with the river.

One of the best ways to get inspired is to go and see, or even better, get out (safely, with supervision) onto the river to spark your imaginations.

We have seen entrants produce: films, music, massive group artworks, campaigns to promote ecological awareness and even cooking!

The winning group win £250 and every child involved gets a special certificate to mark their achievement.

If you would like to put together an entry with your group, get the leader of your organisation or your teacher to contact Dart Harbour on 

If your class already has an entry you want to tell us about, go to our quick and simple Submission Page to enter