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Mark Hubbard


Mark joined the Board in January 2016, becoming Chair in 2018.

Having been brought up in the North East of England, he has moved progressively south, arriving in Devon 25 years ago.

After leaving university with an engineering degree, he worked in a number of engineering and technical businesses before pursuing an MBA and becoming a management consultant, specialising in the area of procurement in large organisations. Having established a successful stand-alone business in 2003, and in 2014,he now works on a range of procurement, project management and sales based activities. Clients continue to be large global organisations and he still enjoys the mix of culture and people this brings.

Mark has sailed extensively in the last 25 years, spending a lot of time racing around the South West and, more recently, cruising out of Dartmouth on his boat moored on the Dart. He completed an Atlantic crossing in 2014, on the only wooden boat participating in the ARC that year.

Mark lives close to the banks of the Dart in a local village.

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Mark Hubbard