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Board Meetings

The Dart Harbour Board holds collective responsibility for the long term success of the Authority.

Board vacancies are advertised on our website and are open to all suitably qualified applicants.  These are voluntary positions ( Board members are not remunerated)

Regular Board Meetings

The normal board business of the Dart Harbour takes place every other month between January and November.  Some of these meetings will be held in village locations with a border along the river Dart (eg Totnes, Stoke Gabriel, Dittisham or Kingswear).  Dates and times of meetings are shown in the table below.

The Authority also have three sub-committees.  Human Resources Committee, Finance & Remuneration Committee and PMSC & Safety Committee.  The majority of meetings are held in the Clifton Room at The Guildhall, Victoria Road, Dartmouth.

Members of the Public Welcome

Due to the coronavirus pandemic all meetings are currently not open to the public.

Dart Harbour is committed to openness and transparency, therefore, members of the public are invited to join Dart Harbour Board meetings up until any confidential or sensitive business is tabled,  where members of the public will be asked to leave.  Dart Harbour sub-committees are not open to the public.

If you wish to attend a board meeting please email us at least 24-hrs before the meeting and inform us of any specific question you may have so we may fully research our response. Please email to [email protected]

Full board minutes are published in the ratified minutes which can be viewed from the link on this page.

Dart Harbour plans also to hold an annual open meeting for all its stakeholders.

Meeting Dates for 2022

Board Meetings for 2022
Type of Meeting
10th January 2022 Clifton Room, Guildhall, Dartmouth Ordinary
15th February 2022 Remote Ordinary
14th March 2022 Clifton Room, Guildhall, Dartmouth Ordinary
15th March 2022 The Flavel, Dartmouth Annual Meeting
11th April 2022 Remote Ordinary
9th May 2022 Clifton Room, Guildhall, Dartmouth Ordinary
13th June 2022 Remote Ordinary
26th July 2022 The Flavel, Dartmouth Ordinary
12th September 2022 The Harbour Office/ Remote Ordinary
10th October 2022 The Harbour Office Ordinary
14th November 2022 Remote Ordinary