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Dart Harbour Yacht Taxi Routines during Covid – Staying Alert

Updated 11 June 2020

Dart Harbour Yacht Taxi service remains essential for customers who need to check their vessels and mooring arrangements. With the change of Government advice and easing of restrictions on water sports activities, some of those customers who are able to use their leisure vessels, without staying overnight, may also want to use the water taxi service. Dart Harbour visitor facilities remain closed for visitors and the taxi should only be used by residential berth holders or those preparing to move their vessel to their normal annual mooring.

In order to minimize the risk to both customers and Yacht taxi drivers it will be essential that passengers listen and carefully follow instructions from the driver. Routines have been put in place for taxi staff to clean handrails and areas of the boat that will be used by customers during passenger trips. There are also cleaning routines that will be used between shifts.

The key aspect of safety will be to limit the risk of spreading of the virus by anyone who might have it. We would ask that those that have any indication of any of the symptoms should stay at home and not use the service. Maintaining distance between staff and the group will be critical to the maintenance of the service. Customers should have face coverings or masks and drivers may use masks when distancing cannot be maintained (for example when securing the vessel whilst the passengers are seated).

The taxi will only carry members of the same family/isolated group/support bubble and up to a maximum of 4 passengers at any one time. Larger family groups should consider using the taxi to get the crew out to their vessel and then use walk ashore pontoons to collect other passengers in their family group (and the opposite on return). Bookings should be made at least 24 hours in advance by telephoning the office during working hours.

Summary of the passenger conditions of use:
  • Trips by advance booking only (24 hours notice) (01803 832337)
  • Outward and return trips booked at same time
  • Listen and follow Yacht Taxi Coxn advice to respect distance from staff
  • Payment by concession ticket only (paid for over telephone in advance)
  • Family/isolated groups/support bubble (max 4 People)
  • All passengers to wear face covering or mask
  • Remain at distance from Coxn during transit

Please note that these instructions will be reviewed based on feedback from staff and customers. The Yacht Taxi drivers have been instructed not to carry passengers who do not follow instructions. If you feel you cannot comply with them please make alternative arrangements.

We thank you for your continued support and hope that we are able to make the system work for your benefit.

Capt Mark Cooper

Harbour Master/CEO

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