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LNTM 15-20 Noss on Dart Marina Development

Effective until further notice

This notice supersedes LNTM 06-20 which is now cancelled.

Marina construction, including piling work and pontoon installation at Noss on Dart Marina is due to commence on Monday 19th October 2020. 

A starboard lateral mark, with light sequence QG has been moved from position 50° 21.780’N 3°34.680W  to position 50° 21.770’N 3°34.680’W. This is a temporary mark at the south western extremity of the development work at Noss on Dart Marina.

4 yellow special marks to mark the area of construction, have been installed in the following positions:-

  1. 50°21.770N 003°34.640W (Currently unlit).
  2. 50°21.770N 003°34.660W (Marked by a Fl(4) light).
  3. 50°21.810N 003°34.680W (Marked by a Fl(4) light).
  4. 50°21.860N 003°34.680W (Marked by a Fl(4) light).

Approximate positions are shown on the chart below.



















Mariners are requested to stay clear of the area bounded by these marks as, at times, there will be unlit piles and or pontoons in this area.


Date of issue 14/10/2020

Rob Everitt

Assistant Harbour Master

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