1. The main anchorage within Dart Harbour is to the East (Kingswear) side of the large mainstream admiralty mooring buoys. There are other anchorages further up river, clear of  the main channel. For further information on these areas or anchoring advice please consult a River Officer or enquire at the Harbour Office. Vessels are permitted to anchor in these areas, but skippers must be aware of the sometimes parlous state associated with anchoring.

2. All vessels that go to anchor at any anchorage within Dart Harbour must abide by the following items:

a. Vessels at anchor in the anchorage, or elsewhere, are to display the appropriate day and night lights, shapes or signals at all times.

b. Vessels must be capable of weighing anchor without assistance and moving at notice appropriate to the conditions, or immediately if required to do so by Dart Harbour.

c. Skippers and competent crew not to leave the vessel unattended except for short periods of time and are to be aboard the vessel during the turn of the tide.

d. Vessels are not to anchor close to any buoy or mooring so as to make contact with or foul such apparatus in any way. Skippers are reminded of the charted ground gear on the sea bed in the anchorage, used to secure the mid river buoys.

3. Vessels discovered to be not complying with the above items may be removed for safety reasons and a charge will be made