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Dart Harbour Marine Biosecurity Plan

Be biosecurity aware – invasive non-native species can damage our harbour and your assistance is needed. Most unwanted – wireweed, Chinese mitten crab and American lobster. Four main tips are –

  • Check and clean the prop and shaft, keel, water inlets and outlets as often as you can
  • Remove visible fouling, put in the bin and not back in the water
  • Wash off your anchor and chain before storing and leaving an anchorage
  • Lift, scrub and antifoul annually
  • For smaller vessels & equipment – CHECK – CLEAN – DRY
What you can do to care for and protect the Dart Estuary

We can all take individual responsibility and do our bit to help to protect this beautiful estuary, both on land and afloat. Please join us –

  • Be waste clever – reduce and reuse, upcycle and recycle
  • Take your litter home or dispose of using Dart Harbour’s waste and recycling pontoon
  • Litter attracts litter – take more than you arrived with – collect your five a day
  • Use a bilge sock to absorb oily waste
  • Don’t fall foul of the law – dolphins and some other marine animals are protected from deliberate or reckless disturbance
  • Throw nothing overboard – do not discharge untreated sewage – use local pump out facilities or pump out far at sea
  • Use phosphate free and environmentally friendly cleaning products – use less
  • Keep wake to a minimum and give wildlife space to thrive – you are likely to see more as a result
  • Pick up plastics and other litter out of the river and take home or dispose of appropriately
  • Make memories … ‘leave only ripples and take only photos’