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Environmental Protection

Key environmental issues

The Dart estuary is the tidal section of the beautiful River Dart – used & enjoyed by many commercial and leisure users and by the many who live within its catchment or who visit the area. It supports several town & rural communities that benefit from the rich & glorious scenery, tranquillity and wildlife. Dart Harbour has a leading role  within the long term stewardship of the estuary and encourage our customers, stakeholders and the general public to join us in its pride of care. Some of the priority issues include:

On the water:
  • Keep wash and wake to a minimum
  • Keep a clean hull (including anchors and fittings) to limit spread of alien species
Water Quality for all:
  • Do not discharge untreated sewage – use local pump out facilities or pump at sea
  • Take precautions against the discharge of oily / contaminated bilge water into the harbour
  • Be biosecurity aware – see our Biosecurity Plan (CTA)
Report Pollution Incidents
  • South West Water would like to encourage any pollution incidents to be reported to them . This can be achieved by contacting their dedicated pollutions hotline on 0800 7811403. They self-report pollution incidents, so directly contacting them will ensure that the Environment Agency is notified and, crucially, that there is no delay in our response.
Dart Estuary Forum

Re-formed in 2018 the Dart Estuary Forum provides a co-ordinating and advisory role in the conservation and environmental enhancement of the Dart Estuary. Its aim is to promote effective co-operation between those involved in the conservation management in and around the Estuary and promote the awareness, understanding, appreciation and active conservation of the special qualities, status and natural processes of the estuary. To find out more about the remit of the Dart Estuary Forum, please visit our stakeholder page.