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Apply for an Annual Mooring

Dart Harbour Moorings

Annual residential moorings are located throughout the river (between Dartmouth and Totnes) with a concentration in Dartmouth. There are a variety of mooring types and water depths (mud, very shallow, shallow and deep). These include pontoons with water and electricity, trot moorings, swinging moorings, running moorings and dinghy/tender pontoons and racks.

Before going ahead to apply for a mooring, please take some time to view the Waiting List Review 2020 and the three videos prepared to help you understand how the process works and to help you decide which mooring areas will be most suitable for your needs.

Customer demand for different mooring types varies for the different mooring locations. The less popular locations, such as shallow water swinging moorings, in quiet areas like Cornworthy or Galmpton may be available for some boat lengths without a lengthy wait, whereas moorings with a high demand, like the pontoons in Kingswear (with water and electricity), the walk ashore small boat pontoons in Dartmouth and the pontoon in Stoke Gabriel have lengthy waiting lists (between 8 to 10 years).

Customer Requirements

Our customer’s needs are unique, we suggest that when you consider which mooring locations would be suitable for you, you also think about the following.

  • Where will you access the mooring from (eg Kingswear, Stoke Gabriel, Dittisham)
  • Where will you park your car/trailer
  • Will you need to consider a tender to access the mooring or is the area accessible by yacht taxi and do you need to apply for somewhere to keep your tender too
  • The length, type and draft of the boat you have (or intend to acquire)
  • Is the mooring to be used for leisure or commercially
  • Is the mooring for a main boat or dinghy/tender

Waiting Lists

Once you have considered what mooring types and locations would be appropriate for your boat, then you can apply to join one or more lists for your boat using the forms available at the link on this page. The costs associated with this are:-

Main Boat
  • Refundable Deposit of £150
  • Registration fee for each area you select of £15
  • Refundable Deposit of £50
  • Registration fee for each area you select of £10

Dart Harbour staff are always pleased to discuss your individual needs with you, if you have any questions, please do contact the Harbour Office.