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Double Steps Pontoon

The new Double Steps Pontoon is now here!

After detailed consultation several years ago, and follow up last year, our new facility is finally in place, with huge amounts more space than has ever been available before.  Different parts of the pontoon are designed for different types of vessels, and are colour coded:

  • Ferry berths – Red and Orange sections.  These are designated for the Dittisham & Noss ferries, the Dart Harbour Yacht Taxi, and other passenger vessels such as the Fizz Boat, Banquet Boat, and charter fishing boats.
  • Dinghies – Blue sections.  For dinghies and tenders up to 4.3m (14ft) in length, for stays of up to 6 hours.  Please moor bow in on a long line.  Larger dinghies, or those wanting a longer stay should use the Green Pontoon, a short distance north along the embankment.
  • RIBs and Dayboats – Green sections.  Up to 6m in length.  Please moor bow in on a long line where indicated on the diagram.  Up to 2 hours is free of charge.  Longer stays charged at £10/24 hours for vessels who have already paid harbour dues, or £15 to include harbour dues.  Please pay in the harbour office, or to a river officer.
  • Pick up and drop off – yellow sections.  There are two berths for pick up and drop off, on the outer pontoon for yachts, and on the inner pontoon for the Boat Hire and other smaller boats.  Please limit your stay to 20 minutes – longer stays can be accommodated on other visitor pontoons.
  • Overnight berthing – Red and yellow sections of the outer pontoon.  Up to 12m length, only from 17:00-08:45.  £1.12 per metre berthing fee.

Please note that we will be policing this pontoon, to ensure that there is ample space for those who want to use it.  Boats that are found overstaying, oversized for their berth, not having paid fees, or poorly moored may be towed away without warning.  Where a boat has been locked to the pontoon, the lock / chain may be cut.  There will be a £60 towage fee.

We are really pleased with our new facility, and hope it will improve everyone’s access to the river and town.

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