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Port Notices

Dart Harbour issue local notices for mariners for a variety of activities and events taking place on the river Dart.  These are usually connected with our byelaws (eg speeding), navigation (eg navigation lights and marks), anchoring information and in connection with training, sailing and other events.

LNTM 10-20 Port Lateral Pole Stoke Gabriel Creek – Reinstated

The port lateral pole, marking the slipway, on the north side of Stoke Gabriel Creek, has been reinstated. Cancel LNTM […]

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LNTM 09 2020 – Restrictions on Use of Vessels

Until further notice From 0001 on Wednesday 13th May 2020 recreational boat owners (using any type of vessel, whether motorised […]

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LNTM 08-20 Port Lateral Pole Stoke Gabriel Creek – Temporarily Removed

Valid until further notice. The unnamed port lateral pole marking the end of the Stoke Gabriel Boating Association slipway, in […]

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LNTM 06-20 Temporary Navigation Mark – Noss on Dart Marina

Effective until further notice   This notice supersedes LNTM 01-20 which is now cancelled. A starboard lateral mark, with light […]

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LNTM 02-20 – New Navigation Marks, Smith and Allcock

Effective until further notice.   Two new lateral marks have been installed up river at the following locations:- Smith – […]

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LNTM 13 2018 – Bears Tail Rock

Bears Tail Rock – Admiralty Chart 2253 – Dartmouth All mariners are advised that following the last bathymetric survey of […]

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LNTM 22 2018 – Plymouth University Temporary Marks

Plymouth University Temporary Marks Effective until further notice All mariners are advised that a series of temporary marks have been […]

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LNTM 02 2019 – Vessels at Anchor

ANCHORING OF VESSELS WITHIN DART HARBOUR LIMITS The main anchorage within Dart Harbour is to the East (Kingswear) side of […]

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LNTM 01 2016 – Speed Limit on the River Dart

The speed limit on the whole of the River Dart is 6 knots. This extends out to sea to a […]

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