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Stakeholder Groups

The Department for Transport’s “Ports Good Governance Guidance” for all statutory harbour authorities (SHAs), encourages effective engagement with stakeholders which is considered essential for all SHAs to maintain or improve understanding of the harbour by its stakeholders. Engagement is equally important to understand stakeholder’s views about the harbour and key issues from their perspective. The guiding principles for stakeholder engagement are:-

  • All SHAs should engage effectively and openly with a wide range of stakeholders that have an interest in their harbour.
  • SHAs should periodically assure themselves that stakeholders have been identified and that engagement with them is appropriate and effective.
  • SHAs should also consider how the voice and views of stakeholders can be taken into account in their work, including in governance.

Dart Harbour Stakeholders

Dart Harbour liaises on a regular basis with four stakeholder groups and communicates with customers through newsletters, local notices for mariners and other relevant information. The four stakeholder groups are representative of our customers and include river users, commercial river users, town and parish councils and environmental agencies. More information is shown below about the four different groups that exist.

Commercial User Group

The Commercial User Group consists of a variety of organisations and individuals, which includes marinas, ferry operators and others who operate commercially on the river Dart.


To join this group, please email the group secretary – [email protected]

Minutes from the Commercial User Group can be found at this link

Communities Group

The Dart Harbour Communities Group (formerly the Non Beneficiary User Group) represents local authorities and parish councils which have boundaries with the River Dart.


If you are a representative from such a group and would like to be represented, please make contact with Sue Pudduck ([email protected]) of Kingswear who is Acting Secretary for this group.

Minutes from the Communities Group can be found at this link

Next Meeting

21st March 2024 – Dittisham Village Hall 1900 hrs


Association of Dart River User Clubs (ADRUC)

The Association of Dart River User Clubs (ADRUC) represents the leisure users in the river via yacht clubs and other boating associations.  For leisure users who are not a member of a yacht club or boating association the route to representation on this stakeholder group is through the Dart Leisure Boat Owners Association (DLBOA).


If you wish to join one of these groups, please contact Dart Harbour with your request to [email protected] and we will pass your details on to their membership contact.

Minutes from ADRUC can be found at this link


Dart Estuary Forum

The Dart Estuary Forum was reinstated during 2018, with its inaugural meeting held in June 2018. Meetings are held twice each year.

The purpose of the Dart Estuary Forum is to:-

  • provide a co-ordinating and advisory role in the conservation, enhancement and sustainable management of the Dart Estuary and where relevant, its water catchment area and adjacent coast.
  • promote effective co-operation between those involved in conservation and enhancement management in and around the Estuary.
  • oversee and engage in the preparation, monitoring and implementation of the South Devon AONB Estuaries Environmental Management Plan.
  • promote the awareness, understanding, appreciation and active conservation and enhancement of the special qualities, status and natural processes of the estuary.
  • advise the Dart Harbour & Navigation Authority (DHNA) on relevant issues.

Membership is open to any organisation or interest group with an interest in the conservation and management of the Estuary.

Members representing authorities, organisations, groups, societies, etc. are expected to represent the majority view of their organisation on items during discussions. To register, please contact Nigel Mortimer, Estuaries Officer, South Devon AONB – [email protected]

Minutes from the Dart Estuary Forum can be found at this link

Next Meeting

Wednesday 23rd November, 1800 – Totnes Boating Association Clubhouse and internet link