Leisure Moorings Waiting Lists

Leisure Berths

A variety of leisure mooring types and locations are available for berthing for vessels ranging in length between 6m to 30m. A deposit is payable which is refundable once the applicant comes off the lists entirely, plus a registration fee is payable for each location chosen.

Allocation from the waiting lists is conducted by suitable vessel size for the berth which has become available.

Dinghy/Tender Berths

Dinghy Berths are available either on pontoons or in dinghy racks at various locations in Dart Harbour. Priority is given to tenders for main berths with one in ten being allocated to dinghies which are not also nominated tenders for a main berth. A deposit is payable (refundable) and a registration fee for each dinghy facility list chosen

Process for Allocation

  • The mooring is given up by the berth holder.
  • The available mooring is assessed taking into account the size of the mooring equipment, the type of mooring, the size, type and position of neighbouring boats and the history of the mooring (eg what type of vessel has successfully used the mooring before).
  • Once the boat type and size has been determined, the waiting list for that location is consulted.
  • The first person on the list with the boat type and size identified above is offered the mooring. It should be noted that a person’s position on the waiting list is determined by their application date.
  • Applicants have the option to refuse to accept an offered mooring a maximum of three occasions after the third refusal they will be placed at the bottom of the list again and will not be offered again until they reach the top of the list once more.
  • By paying the mooring fees applicants enter into a standard mooring agreement contract with DHNA.

Waiting list times

In view of the complexities of the different mooring areas and the waiting list system it is difficult to be specific about the waiting times. 

If you are a waiting list applicant, please call the Harbour Office or email your request and our staff will be happy to give you information about your position on the waiting list(s).