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Services & Charges

Commercial Charges

Recreational vessels above 50 metres LOA and all other vessels, including naval vessels used for any purposes other than recreation, with the exception of licensed passenger vessels, fishing vessels, or training vessels.  Vessels over 50m LOA require a pilot, please see our pilotage page. Please contact the Harbour office prior to your arrival to discuss your particular needs. Please refer to our published Schedule of Charges. Charges below are for 01/04/22 to 31/03/23.

Vessels visiting for up to 7 days

Up to 75m LOA = £3.65 per metre per LOA per day

Over 75m LOA = £6.97 per metre per LOA per day

Vessels remaining for more than 7 days  (by arrangement)

Vessels up to 75 m LOA – Price on application

Vessels over 75 m LOA – Price on application

Dinghy Moorings

Commercial Pontoon Dartmouth and Kingswear – Max Beam 1.7 metres, min LOA chargeable is 5.2 metres = £181.56 per annum

Pilotage Services

Provision of a Pilot

Vessels arriving in Outer Zone.  Minimum charge £235.00.  Thereafter a charge of £5.00 per metre.

Pilot who attends a vessel for arrival/departure but who’s services are not required due to late or cancelled ETA/ETD – £197.00

Provision of a Pilot Boat

Per arrival – £376.50

Surcharge if boarding or disembarkation delayed by 30 minutes or longer (per hour or part thereof) – £147.00

When a pilot boat puts to sea to meet a vessel at her ETA but does not pilot her because she fails to keep her ETA – £147.00

Moving a vessel in the outer zone.  Minimum charge – £203.00