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Event Organisation

Dart Harbour are keen to attract and support marine and river-based events, but need to ensure that proper safety measures are in place, or that facilities can be provided to support these events.  Organisers of events on the Dart in the area managed by Dart Harbour (from below the weir at Totnes to the Harbour limit) must make contact with Dart Harbour and make themselves aware of the terms and conditions associated with these different event types.

We would ask event organisers to contact the Harbour office at your earliest convenience to ensure the necessary checks and measures can be undertaken in good time.


These are organised rallies run by a yacht club or boating group for a group of boats (generally 8 or more) with a desire to pre-book and to ensure all vessels can be berthed in the same location. Rallies can normally be arranged outside the busy periods (with at least two weeks notice) and Dart Harbour will consider each rally request on its individual merits. To check the terms and conditions and to download the booking spreadsheet, please see the inset box.

Other Waterborne events

Maritime events are varied and can consist of rowing and racing regattas, wild swimming events, paddle board or raft race events.  These events also need to be approved by Dart Harbour and organisers need to send us full details of the event, safety boat information, risk assessments and insurance details at least one month before the event takes place.  The request form for this type of event is shown in the inset box.