Yacht Taxi Charges

Yacht Taxi Tariff 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020

Inner Zone (between the two car ferries)

Outer Zone (One Gun Point to Higher Noss) - minimum charge of £4.00 per trip (or two clips on a concession ticket).  Where there are two or more passengers a single fare is charged per person.

Item Per Charge VAT @ 20%
Single Fare D1 (Inner Zone) per person 1.00 inc
Concession Ticket D4 (20 trips) = 62.5p per trip Concession ticket 12.50 inc
Single Fare D2 (Outer Zone) - minimum charge of £4.00 applies per trip per person 2.00 inc
Concession Ticket D5 (20 trips) - minimum two tickets per trip = £1.25 per trip Concession ticket 25.00 inc