Commercial Berths

Vessels (up to 183m) wishing to berth should contact Dart Harbour Office on VHF Channel 11, call sign DARTNAV, or use a commercial shipping agent.  Please see information in relation to compulsory pilotage for vessels in excess of 50m.  Berths are located:-

Between No 3 & No 4 Buoys 

  • Length 230m Min Depth 6.2m  
  • Type Passenger 
  • Length 140m Min Depth 6.2m Type 
  • Passenger

Between No 3A & 4 Buoys

  • Length 83m Min Depth 9.5m 
  • Type Passenger

Between No 4 & 5 Buoys 

  • Length 157m Min Depth 7.3m 
  • Type Passenger 

Between No 4 & 4A Buoys 

Length 40 m Min Depth 7.3m 


  • Between No 4 & 4B Buoys 

    • Length 64m Min Depth 7.3m 
    • Type Passenger

    Between No 4A & 5 Buoys 

    • Length 117m Min Depth 7.3m 
    • Type Passenger

    Between No 4B & 5 Buoys 

    • Length 92m Min Depth 8.9m 
    • Type Passenger


    Other commerical berths exist and all vessel operators should contact the harbour office for further information on berth locations and suitability. Please be aware that the mooring and safety of the vessel/crew remains solely the responsibility of the Master.

    Garbage disposal is available by prior arrangement.