Maritime Event Registration


Dart Harbour is extremely keen to support all official maritime events and plays host to a large variety, in different areas of the harbour.

Any organisations, clubs or associations wishing to organise a maritime event on the River Dart (within Dart Harbour Limits) is legally obliged to gain permission from Dart Harbour who are primarily responsible for safety on the river.

Certain criteria must be met by these organisations such as the correct level of safety cover, insurance and where applicable risk assessments.

Please be aware that Dart Harbour reserves the right to charge commercial organsiations for the use of certain facilities.

Registration forms are available from the Harbour Office or you can download the form on the link to the right hand side on this page and email to



Organisers of visiting rallies may pre-book visitors berthing if there is generally more than 10 vessels. Please be aware that Dart Harbour will only accept pre-bookings from bonafide yacht clubs or cruising clubs that have no commercial interest.

During July and August there may be a fee payable in advance to secure your booking.

To register a rally please complete the registration form on the link to the right hand side on this page and email to

Or for further information on any of the above please contact the Deputy Harbour Master at the Harbour Office.