Maritime Event Registration


Dart Harbour is extremely keen to support all official maritime events and plays host to a large variety, in different areas of the harbour.

Any organisations, clubs or associations wishing to organise a maritime event on the River Dart (within Dart Harbour Limits) is legally obliged to gain permission from Dart Harbour who are primarily responsible for safety on the river.

Dart Harbour expects the organisor to arrange the appropriate level of safety cover, insurance and where applicable risk assessments and a planning meeting is normally arrnaged to discuss the safety arrnagements.

Please note that events will only be offically registered when DHNA recieve full details and safety paperwork.

Please be aware that Dart Harbour reserves the right to charge commercial organsiations for the use of certain facilities.

Registration forms are available from the Harbour Office or you can download the form on the link to the right hand side on this page and email to [email protected].  


Yacht Rallies 

During our busiest periods berths are strictly allocated by River Officers on a first come first served basis ONLY.

Berths may only be reserved in the Dartmouth/Kingswear area of the harbour outside our busiest periods by bona fide clubs and associations with generally 8 boats or more. 

‘Busy periods’ means events such as regatta’s and music festivals.  Organisers of rallies are encouraged to apply to DHNA (using the registration form), who will look at this on a case by case basis and confirm if a booking is allowed.

To reserve berths, payment up front, in full, for all the visiting boats associated with the rally must be secured in advance by DHNA from the club or association applying, with a detailed list of boats being provided well in advance.  Mooring fee costs can be confirmed by the harbour office or via our website at

The mooring fees will only be re-fundable if the rally is cancelled by no later than 48hrs before the booking date, for legitimate reasons such as bad weather.

No discounts are available, except for registered charities who generally qualify for a 25% reduction in mooring fees (proof of charity registration may be required).

To register a rally please complete the registration form on the link to the right hand side on this page and email to [email protected]


Wild Swimming

The River Dart “harbour” is navigable to a broad range of vessels and other marine related activities from the harbour entrance to the weir at Totnes.

Swimming in the harbour can be hazardous without reasonable precautions and is strongly discouraged between Dartmouth and Dittisham due to the high volume and range of vessels using it.  Although commercial traffic to the wharfs at Totnes has now stopped, large commercial passenger vessels operate between the harbour entrance and Totnes and at certain states of the tide in the higher reaches, can be restricted in movement due to the narrow deep water channel. 

Swimmers are sometimes hard to spot for skippers of these vessels and, in a black wetsuit, easily confused with a seal.  A seal can be relied upon to keep out of the way, but by the time a skipper has realised he is dealing with a swimmer and not a seal, vital time has been lost; stopping a vessel can be difficult and takes time. 

We therefore recommend swimmers plan their swim carefully seeking local advice, wear brightly coloured gear to distinguish them from seals and other marine life, keep out of the main channel whenever possible and are ideally accompanied by a safety craft.         

Or for further information on any of the above or if you are planning a swimming event, please contact the Deputy Harbour Master at the Harbour Office.