Julian Distin

Julian joined  the Board for a second stint from February 2018, having previously been a Member from 2002 to 2008. He comes from a fishing and boating family and has worked on the river, as one of three Castle Ferry operators, since 1989.

 After university in York, he worked in the air freight industry at Heathrow before returning to Devon and taking over his father's seasonal ferry business.  He enjoys repairing old wooden boats (luckily, as 'Veryan Bay' has been a Castle Ferry boat since the 1950s) and has also been involved with a number of local projects, most recently with the succesful effort  to secure and fund a new purpose-built setting for Dartmouth Pre-School within the old premises in Southford Rd. The beauty of the Dart Estuary and surrounding area has always been a strong attraction for Julian and his family and the continuing desire to secure the long-term protection of our AONB landscape was  a primary motivation for returning to the  Dart Harbour Board.

Julian  believes that Dart Harbour should keep its decision-making as open and transparent as possible and he was a prime mover in the change to public monthly meetings  which came in, during his Chairmanship, in 2003.