LNTM 22 2018 Plymouth University Temporary Marks

Effective until further notice

All mariners are advised that a series of temporary marks have been located in the approaches to Dartmouth Harbour at the following positions (see also attached copy of chart):

  • Mark D11       50 20.215N   003 31.869W
  • Mark D18       50 19.437N   003 34.503W
  • Mark D23       50 19.584N   003 31.869W
  • Mark D24       50 19.444N   003 32.242W
  • Mark D26       50 19.099N   003 33.039W
  • Mark D28       50 19.140N   003 33.907W

These marks are identifiable as small red inflatable mooring buoys (approx.150cm in diameter). They are all lit at night by way of an all-round white “W” LED light with a flashing “Fl” character of 10-12 flashes per minute.

Mariners are advised to stay clear of these marks and not use them for mooring purposes.

Please contact the harbour office if you require any further information.

See PDF opposite for the notice including the chart.


Nick Clarance

Deputy Harbour Master                                                     

Issue date: 16 June 2018