Small Passenger / Hire Boats

Small Passenger Carrying Vessels

A variety of small passenger boats operate in Dart Harbour and a license is required.  The license is issued by South Hams District Council (Salcombe Harbour Office) for up to 12 passengers, for which Dart Harbour act on their behalf with an appointed inspector.

To obtain a licence for a vessel up to 12 passengers, please contact the Salcombe Harbour Office in the first instance will arrange a test for both the operator (Boatman's Licence) and a vessel safety inspection.  This is conducted by Dart Harbour, who will carry out the relevant checks.

Madatory safety equipment and other various safety related conditions will apply to each vessel, under the guidance of the Inland Waters Small Passnger Boat Code 

For any potential new passenger boats a stability certifcate will be required with full operational risk assessments.

A Local Boatmans License is also a mandotory requirement for operators of these vessels and relevant RYA/MCA certificates will be taken into account as supoorting qualifications.

Hire Boats

Hire Boats are licensed under the guidance of the Hire Boat Code (Issue 1) and operators need to apply to South Hams District Council, who will be able to advise further on the requirements and the applications process. Operators need to provide the appropriate safety paperwork and once DHNA act on their behalf.

Sailing Schools/SUP & Canoe Operators

All operators of these types of operations must hold a valid Local Boatmans License and hold the relevant approved instructional qualifications with the appropriate level of insurance. A safety boat is part of the licensing conditions. Sailing schools are advised to be a recognised RYA approved centre. 

Please contact the Deputy Harbour Master at the harbour office for further advice or further information on any of the above licensing arrangements.

Licenses will be issued on a case by case basis. DHNA reserve the right to cancel or withdraw any licenses or applications.