Blackness Point

Mouth of Dittisham Mill Creek

Within 100 metres of Sandridge Boathouse turn left towards the centre of Dittisham Mill Creek until abeam of Higher Gurrow Point. Then alter course to starboard and steer 230 degrees for Blackness Point beacon, unlit, comprising a red pole with a red can topmark. Leave this to port (see Fig 12)

  • Towards Stoke Mouth

    Within 100m of Blackness Point, by which time a house above Stoke Gabriel should be in sight, turn to starboard and head west in the deep water parelleling the point.  When crossing the telegraph cable marked on each bank by yellow diamond, steer 336 degrees for Pighole Point (See Fig 13) with the Blackness slipway astern leaving Pighole port lateral mark to port.  i

    On reaching Pighole Point, identify "Long Stream" port lateral mark in the moorings off Stoke Gabriel. Keep this to port as you pass Stoke Gabriel on your starboard hand side heading North. The arc of moorings indicate deep water.

    There are visitors’ moorings (1 - 6m depth)  just off the entrance to Stoke Gabriel creek (Fig 14). There are short stay dinghy berths on the pontoon in the creek. Fresh water is available from a standpipe at the shore end of the pontoon.