Dittisham & Flat Owers


There are some visitors’ moorings in this area. Contact ‘DART NAV’ on VHF Ch. 11 for directions. Visitors’ short stay dinghy berths are available at the end of the Dittisham pontoon. There is a water taxi service operated by the Dittisham to Greenway Ferry. The Dittisham to Greenway Ferry is based on Greenway quay. The quay is private. The owner can be contacted by calling the ferry on VHF Ch. 10 for permission to land. It is advisable that vessels proceeding further up river do so on a rising tide from here on. Follow the moorings round the outside of Flat Owers keeping to the Galmpton side until the second boathouse (Sandridge Boathouse) is reached.

  • Flat Owers Buoy

    If there is sufficient water, it is possible to cross Flat Owers bank.  From midway between Greenway and Dittisham steer 020 degrees for the first boathouse (Waddeton boathouse) keeping Flat Owers buoy, an unlit red can, to port (See Fig 9) Astern you should see a large window in the house in Binhay Copse (See Fig 10).

    On reaching Flat Owers buoy leave it to port and turn to port to 310 towards Sandridge boathouse.  There are some unlit racing marks off Lower Gurrow Point (See Fig 11)