Entry to the Harbour from Sea

The Daymark Beacon is a 24m high stone tower. This marks the eastern side of the entrance to the River Dart. It is maintained by Dart Harbour.

Daymark and Harbour Entrance

Homestone Buoy (Port Lateral) Q.R marks the Homestone Ledge.  Castle Ledge Buoy (Starboard Lateral), FI G.5s, marks the extremity of the Castle Ledge. Mariners without local knowledge should not pass between the Castle Ledge Buoy and the shore.

  • Lighthouse and River Mouth

    Keep Kingswear lighthouse, a sectored light (small white structure) ISO.WRG.3s 9m 8M, in line with the right hand edge of the large white house above the lighthouse. This will keep you in the middle of the channel in the white sector of the light. Leave the Checkstone Buoy (Port Lateral), Fl (2) R.5s, to port. Follow the course of the river keeping as close as possible to the starboard side of the river as is practicable.

    When the Dartmouth Castle Flagstaff lines up with the aerials on the horizon behind the town, Bayards sectored light (Fl.WRG2s) opens on the right hand edge of the castle structure. 

  • South of the Lower Ferry there is a mixture of private and Dart Harbour moorings on the western side of the river. Royal Dart Yacht Club (RDYC) moorings are on the eastern side of the river. The RDYC has shower and toilet facilities, a bar and restaurant. Once on course towards Bayards light keep in the white sector and this will keep you on the starboard side of the channel.

    When exiting the river on this leg you should run on the fixed white sectored light just to the north of Kettle Point on the Kingswear (eastern side of the channel).