North Harbour Area

Mid-stream Moorings 

Visitors’ moorings are available mid-stream, for vessels larger thatn 14m .  You can use the yellow mooring buoys, downstream of the fuel barge subject to availability. Contact Dart Nav on VHF Ch. 11 for berthing.

Fuel Barge

The fuel barge can be contacted on VHF Ch. 6, call sign Dart Crusader.  Diesel and unleaded petrol available (not 24 Hours) Tel 07801 798861.

Waste Pontoon

The recycling pontoon is situated upstream of the fuel barge – see also LINK TO WASTE PAGE. Water is also available on this pontoon.

  • Deep-Water Pontoons

    Upstream of the waste pontoon are the visitors’ deep-water pontoons, there are 3 in number which are available for larger yachts up to 14m. There is also a visitors’ pontoon for boats up to 12m, on the Dartmouth side, both below the Higher Ferry. The deepwater pontoons are not walk ashore berths, but the DA pontoon on the Dartmouth side is undergoing a trial with a walkway installed during 2018 to facilitate a Dartmouth walk ashore facility.     The island pontoons are served by the Yacht Taxi Service.