South Harbour Area

Royal Dart Yacht Club

On the eastern bank just south of the Lower Ferry is the RDYC. Visitors should berth on the pontoon outside the club to enquire about berthing (tel 01803 752272/752496).

Lower Ferry

The Lower Ferries run from just upstream of the RDYC, from Kingswear to Dartmouth. These are tug and float ferries that manoeuvre in a narrow channel. Vessels approaching this area are to navigate with particular care in the vicinity of ferries in accordance with IRPCS.

Caution:  Masters/Skippers should familiarise themselves with the routes and locations of the crossing ferries which are marked on the chart since they can be difficult to spot, particularly at high water when they berth at the top of their slipway.  Particular care is required on entry with the lower ferry on the Kingswear side as this is out of sight when berthed and can surprise vessels on starboard side of the channel.  Likewise the higher ferry can surprise vessels outboard on the staboard side of the channel when it leaves Dartmouth as it can be obscured by Dart Marina pontoons and vessels.  The two lower car ferries that ply between Kingswear and Dartmouth - comprise a tug and vehicle carrying float that is towed alongside the tug - are assess as "restricted in their ability to manoeuvre" by the MCA and exhibit appropriate shapes/lights. The wire guided Higher Ferry that crosses the river just below Dart Marina exhibits the same shapes/lights.  Beware of submerged wires in the vicinity of this ferry.

 DHNA Yacht Club Pontoon (summer only)

Just upstream of the Lower Ferry slip on the western shore is a visitors’ pontoon (summer only) for yachts of less than 9m LOA and dinghies. This is located opposite the Dartmouth Yacht Club (DYC) which has shower/toilet facilities and a bar/ restaurant (tel 01803 832305). There is a limited capacity short stay facilities for dinghies (max 2 hrs).

Darthaven Marina

Darthaven Marina is situated upstream of the Lower Ferry on the Kingswear side. Contact Darthaven Marina on VHF Ch. 80 for visitors’ berthing information (tel 01803 752545)  Please note the southern outboard section of the most southerly pontoon is to be kept clear for use by DHNA yacht taxi and is not to be used by visitors.