Sailing Directions


The following directions are intended as a helpful description of your journey up river. They do not relieve masters and skippers of vessels of their obligation to conduct their own navigation and safe pilotage plans within harbour limits.

  • Entry to the Harbour from Sea

    The Daymark Beacon is a 24m high stone tower. This marks the eastern side of the entrance to the River Dart. It is maintained by Dart Harbour.

    South Harbour Area

    Royal Dart Yacht Club

    On the eastern bank just south of the Lower Ferry is the RDYC. Visitors should berth on the pontoon outside the club to

    Central Harbour Area

    Mainstream Buoys and Anchorage 

    Viewed from the main channel heading North, the yellow ships’ mooring buoys can be seen on the right hand side

    North Harbour Area

    Mid-stream Moorings 

    Visitors’ moorings are available mid-stream, for vessels larger thatn 14m .  You can use the yellow mooring buoys, downstream

    Higher Ferry and Noss

    Dart Marina & Higher Ferry

    The Higher Ferry runs on cables and it is advisable to give it a wide berth. Dart Marina is situated on the Dartmouth

    Anchor Stone

    Towards the Anchor Stone

    Continue to favour the starboard side of the river as Maypool is reached (see Fig 08) . There is a disused grid marked by

    Dittisham & Flat Owers


    There are some visitors’ moorings in this area. Contact ‘DART NAV’ on VHF Ch. 11 for directions. Visitors’ short stay dinghy berths are

    Blackness Point

    Mouth of Dittisham Mill Creek

    Within 100 metres of Sandridge Boathouse turn left towards the centre of Dittisham Mill Creek until abeam of Higher

    Bow Creek Area

    Beyond Stoke Gabriel

    From the entrance to Stoke Gabriel Creek, keep close to the outer moorings on the Stoke Gabriel side of the river until

    Duncannon Area

    Proceeding Up River to Totnes

    The chanel to Totnes from here (Home Reach) is relatively straightforward.  Speed and therefore wash are to be kept

    Sharpham Area

    Sharpham Boat House

    Alter course into Sharpham Reach and keep over to starboard. Leave the port hand buoys, Nos. 9, 10 and 11 both unlit, to port.

    Fleet Reach and Home Reach

    Entering Fleet Mill Reach

    Passing the wreck (Kingswear Castle Paddle Steamer) (Fig 21), when parallel with the end of the wall at Fleet Mill Quay,

    Totnes and Baltic Wharf

    There are berths on both sides of the river here. Baltic Wharf boatyard to port is private, but enquire at the office (01803 867922) for visitor